Train wrecks and things we can’t avert our eyes from

Trainwrecks , we’re horrified when we hear about them but we just can’t say no to having a look.  Eric’s lute took a fall and this is what happened. Not the end of the world but pretty distressing just the same.


This one belongs to Jason Yoshida a Los Angeles based lutenist. Again resting on a chair and and unknowing brush by led it to the floor. It was pretty specatcular. The impact shattered the top and the bowl staves actaully came off the head block. It actually was repaired and restored to playing condition . You can hear the lute with it’s new top on this link:

Ramirez wreck

Ramirez  1 a  1979 the Segovia endorsed model.    A wonderful example of what happens when you practice all day and ignore your wife ( not mine!)  She threw it down the stairs and you see the end results.  They got divorced , sigh…

A drop, a kick and goal!

A local lutenist Eric had an unfortunate brush by and kerplunk!

baroqen guitar

And this is what happens when you don’t latch your case before you say good bye…

I’ll post more train wrecks as I find them in my files.


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