Reports of my death are bit premature , still

Mel Wong — choreographer known for strength onstage

July 23, 2003|By Steven Winn, Chronicle Arts and Culture Critic
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“Mel was very easygoing, but he was also quite playful as a person and an artist,” said UC Santa Cruz theater Professor James Bierman.

That quality, Bierman said, was instrumental in his teaching. “He managed to make all of his students look good onstage, no matter what their skill level might be.” One of his students, who worked as a striptease dancer, parodied that craft in a memorable fully clothed piece choreographed by Mr. Wong.

Recent reports from the Lute NING board reported Larry Brown’s website being inactive and then a post appeared with an obituary for Larry Brown. As it turns out with a sort of happy ending it turned out that the Larry Brown that died was a guitar repairperson not the lute builder. Larry is still alive and making lutes in Asheville NC it is last reported.

Which brings up the above obituary. Contrary to what people may want to think I still have INDY status ( I’m not dead yet…).  I’m still here maybe not prodigiously making lutes but working still.

Several years ago some of my colleagues found a feature article showing Mel Wong ( the other one ) in costume performing in a what appears to be a rather unfortunate costume- it looked like an oversize adult diaper. I got heckeled on that one for months. And as it turns out he was a very gifted dancer whom I knew nothing about.  All the obits that I saw praised his creativity, strength and athleticism. When I keel over at the workbench I hope that my acquaintenances could say half that much about me.

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