Another day , another year, a moment to reflect ( written new year’s day)

As the new year started the New year celebrations were remarkably tepid around our neighborhood. In past years the neighbors would light all manner of fireworks , bang on pots and generally get wiggy. Aside from one premature sonic bloom it was remarkably quiet. Being a boomer geezer we tend to think of ourselves as perennially young and with it but I find myself grateful just to be here these days as I am , geezer or not.  It’s a good time to reflect and count my blessings . Every time I bemoan that my body and eyes are failing me I remind myself at least my mind isn’t failing. I’m grateful for that and it reminds me that I am much more fortunate than most people. The business has suffered from the depression but I’m still here. I ‘d like to give a public thank you to all the people who have helped me in all the years that I ‘ve been involved in the string business. Better to thank you now while you’re still alive than at your eulogy. First: a thank you to Ervin Somogyi who was willing to take me into his tutelage and get me past the inertia when we were both still young and naive. A thank you to the ever diplomatic  Lyn Elder , who clued me to what was the right way to build a lute . The great northwest builders Bob Lundberg ( sigh , not with us anymore) , John Rollins and Ray Nurse for sharing without reservation what they knew so generously. A thank you to Jamey Belizzi and Steve Stein: despite their spy vs spy antics  for providing the many interesting opportunities when I got started. A thank you to Glenn Canin and Stephen Faulk for sharing their insights on craft despite the spy vs spy scenario. A thank you to local Repair man and builder  and raconteur George Peacock  for the moral support during the dark hours. A thank you to local lute luminaries  David  Tayler , Richard Savino for the good words.

And a thank you to all my clients and supporters who chose to have their projects worked on  by me rather than brand X.

Last but not least a heartfelt  thank you to my wife for putting up with me and all my quixotic ventures.

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