Happy just to be here.


For those of you who don’t know George Peacock , He’s been a fixture in San Francisco for years. If you’re ever in the city stop by his shop in the Duboce Triangle area , say hello, chat a while and throw some money at him . His shop is not all glitzy and carpeted like the local Guitar Center. It’s a real throwback to the old style music instrument shops when I was a kid. In one corner is is his band saw, one side of the shop his workbench, and then the stands and cases with assorted sundry guitars and all manner of stuff..  George is recovering from treatment for a brain cancer. I spoke with him a few days ago, he says he’s feeling better and well enough to work at he shop.  In his words ” I wake up in the morning , grateful for another day”.   How apropo for the rest of us.


End note:  With much sadness , George  passed away December 27th 2011.   Good-bye to a decent man generous with his time and spirit. He is survived by his wife Miriam and his children  Noah  and Emma.

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  • I always remember the smell of those kinds of shops, warm and welcoming. Fewer and farther between now a days.

  • Prayers going out…Sounds like a wonderful person with wisdom to share…I believe that every day is a gift, too…

  • Deanna Jay Chu Nim

    At the end of the film, “The Tree of Life,” there is a field full of sunflowers. They read like each was the gift of another day of living. Terrence Malik… I like his sensibilities. “Days of Heaven” is also lovely.

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