Six degrees to Ownership

Somewhere on Wayne Cripp’s  Dartmouth lute website is his famous quip ” the two happiest days for a lute player is the day he buys his lute and the day when he sells it…”

Of course, buying a lute can a test of one’s patience as well. I’ve heard that story more than once: ” I ordered one last year and it’s way overdue.” Or I sent it in for a simple repair and it’s been over a month!”  There’s a easy explanation for all of that:  We as lutemakers are all liars and scoundrels. Yep , just draw that Venn diagram with the lutemaker subset directly inside the liar , scoundrel , cur circle.  No need for intersections. Okay, let me back up a little bit. We all kind of lie. When I say I’m working on your lute doesn’t mean i’m literally cutting and gluing bits of wood. I might be thinking about it. A long time at that. Of course that brings a lot of anxiety on the clients part.  No news or poor comunication only heightens that anxiety. We’ve all encountered that.  How many of you have thought ” omigosh I was so stupid to have paid him ! He’s probably spent all my money in Las Vegas!

Rest assured most builders I’ve met have been guilty of being inefficient rather than dishonest. We have our mental lapses ( how long was that scale supposed to be?) , disasters in the shop ( 140 fahrenheit not centigrade?) , family issues ( okay everyone in the car! we’re going to the emergency room again!) and the ennui factor ( why did I agree to this project?)

A wink and a nod to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for the following:six degrees

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  • If the comments in this topic are to be believed, Luciano Faria probably takes the cake as one of the least efficient:

  • I’d rather not name names , but since this is archived on a public forum already: The situation with Luciano is unfortuneate. He was in fact was involved in a car accident, he did lose both parents, he did fall into a period of depression. The point I make is : that wasn’t public knowledge and there was no way to find out what was happening with him. There were some on line who labelled him a thief. In the absence of information we make assumptions , sometimes they are wrong. Those postings you referred to are from 2008. The question is how many of those outstanding orders have been rectified since then? On the other hand in the internet age there have been people who have taken money and run off with it.
    If you look back about ten years ago at the archives on the Dartmouth lute site there was a similar row about a local lute maker. Scurillous unethical behaviour ?, bad business sense? or some unrevealed mental illness? make your own judgement.

  • Indeed, I had read that he had been in an accident. The other information you provided would probably explain why he has fallen so far behind.

    On the topic, the member with the name rhr414 received his order in January of 2009. Hopefully the other orders have since been fulfilled or the customers advised of their status. The last third of the posts date from October to December of 2010.

    I hadn’t read of the local lute maker on the Dartmouth lute site. I may look-up the posts one evening when insomnia strikes me.

  • You mean luthiers are really allowed personal lives that interfere with work? Unbelievable!

    Kidding aside, if a lutenist isn’t patient enough to wait for an instrument, I seriously wonder how on earth they expect to play one? Festina lente, make haste slowly, lay off the second pot of coffee…

  • I have a lute and a theorbo by Luciano Faria. He finished my Theorbo while losing both of his parents in quick succession. He was just as slow to provide them as anybody else and faster than Grant Tomlinson with his six year waiting list. They’re good instruments and are even better after having had them set up again by Klaus Jacobsen. (These were minor adjustments due to my personal biases and climactic changes to the action.) Luciano was always prompt in answering my emails and always answered my Skype calls. He was easy going, generous, respectful and encouraging. I would easily recommend his instruments.

  • Been here and done this recently — still hoping to get my lute back because it has been in for minor repairs (prepaid, I might add) for almost 7 months! Alas, I am understanding and am just hoping all is well for my luthier (who is reputable, or has been until now…).

    Thankfully, I haven’t been taken to the cleaners yet as some people have mentioned…Sounds Like Luciano (I have never done business with him) had a very rough time but is making good on his commitments, so that is good…Prayers out to him and his…

    I realize that it is important for all of us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I wish it always went both ways…

  • Deanna Jay Chu Nim

    I love the peg boxes of lutes. They remind me of the galley scene in Ben Hur.

  • Luciano has stolen over $10,000 from my school. I ordered a number of student instruments from him and he was somehow paid in advance by the school. I haven’t heard from him in 2 years. Throughout the so-called building period he kept telling me of how the instruments are coming, but also telling me of his problems…I was very compassionate & understanding…but then…”puff” he was gone. His website is down, no phone contact.


  • I had ordered a swan necked lute from Luciano nearly 7 years ago and had put down a substantial deposit. I have had friends who had purchased very nice instruments from him and so I felt comfortable sending the deposit. After a year I periodically started asking him about a delivery date and got back responses that it would be about 3 months.This happened about 3 times and then he just disappeared. I still continued to send him an occasional email but with zero luck. I ended up buying a lute from another maker and I could not have had a better experience with him. Still, I just wish I could get the money back that I was stolen from me.

  • I ordered some years ago a baroque guitar to Luciano. I went to Brazil to pick up it and met Luciano, a very nice guy, passionated with his instruments and his incredible stock of woods …
    he stills answered to my mails, sometimes with small late as he doesn’t speak english (he needs a friend’s translation help) and he has a really obsolete internet line. He told me about his problems (car crash, death of his parents and other problems). we must understand that anybody c

  • we must understand that anybody can meet difficulties and serious personal problems in his life.
    Don’t judge Luciano as a thief . He is not, needs trust and will surely a real good luthier. Since a lot of years (around 37) I play lute and baroque guitar and I can say that the most beautiful vihuela and the most beautiful 11 courses baroque lute I saw were coming of his workshop (and I ‘d instruments by really great makers from Mathias Durvie to Klaus Jacobsen and Paul Thomson).

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