Everybody Loves Sarah Lee…

Cheesecake  that is. The Chinese have a habit of following and imitating American Culture .  Whatever we do here in America the Chinese will have some adaptation of it.  To wit: sex and advertising in the guitar business. I was surfing through the web for a guitar case maker and I came across this on AliBaba the Chinese  equivalent of  Amazon. Its got the cute girl holding the guitar but not quite knowing what to do with it. Typically to be filed under born to be mild chinese cheescake!

Compare with the original American Cheesecake:  Dean Zelinksy knew how to make intersting guitars but he was a genius at marketing to the 15 to 25 year market. dean

Need a case for your guitar ? Or better yet need some aids for stretching out those hamstrings? At first glance you have to ask what are they selling? it’s obvious: Cheescake.

case girl

as opposed to this as the best example I could find for Lute cheesecake:


Or authentic Lute Cheesecake: appealing to those 50 and older….Reproduction_Painting_Italy_Solario, Andrea 1460 - 1524_The Lute Player

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  • Makes me wonder how guitars (or any instrument for that matter) would be marketed if the largest consumer demographic was women in the 15-25 year age range.

    I recall that Luna Guitars were primarily targeted at women players (see http://www.lunaguitars.com/about.php). They set themselves apart with narrower nut widths, elegant laser-etched patterns on the soundboards, and endorsements from women players; but that seems to be all.

  • That’s a mighty big if. And the short answer is the statistics don’t bear it out. The electric guitar market is driven by young adolescent males. Females make up less than 5% off the market. On any given day if you wander through a guitar shop what do you see? adolescent men in the electric guitar department In the classical guitar dept more middle aged men . In the lute dept, if there ever was such a thing it’s a 70-30 split with most of the buyers as middlegaed or older men. The irony of this is that most buyers of very high end electric guitars are also in that same demographic. The long and short of it is that the marketing business for guitars knows its market: young men with a lot of hormones.

  • Forget about the cheesecake or cupcakes.I want a lute!

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