What’s in a name?

Faux  Blackbird 001 (2)

In the city of San Francisco, there are a few things you’re supposed to do when you open a business: 1.  file a business registration so the city can  collect taxes from you   2. File your fictitious business name so they know where to send your tax bill.  The fictitious business name filing makes sense, after all I am certainly not Mr. Blackbird nor has anyone ever addressed  me as such and looking up Blackbird will certainly not produce my address or reveal who I am. Filing a fictitious business name entails that you go to city hall and research through their records to ascertain that no on is using that name. If no one is using it , you’re good to go. In practice does that work? Yes and No. I am filed as one word:   Blackbird. Not Blackbird Lutes, not Blackbird music or Blackbird Sofas , Blackbird Movers, Blackbird Chinese  Food to go. Therein lies the problem .  See the news clipping above ? Blackbird Guitars. And what do they make? Carbon fiber Guitars. I got no knocks on that.  Notice they were astute enough to say Blackbird Guitars.  But what about Apple?  We all know they make computers and they call them whatever they want but the company is still Apple.  It’s not Apple Tablets, Apple Phone company , it’s  Apple , right?   So, can anyone start a company and call it Apple Guitars?  or Apple Radios?  or Apple Exterminators?

More on a name later.


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