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Paki-Bashing and ThomAnn

When I was much younger ( circa 1977)  I worked with a research fellow from London. He was an M.D.  One day as we were trading lies we got to talking about the kind of patients that came into the emergency room . At the VA it was quite common to have the ambulance pick […]

Another day , another year, a moment to reflect ( written new year’s day)

As the new year started the New year celebrations were remarkably tepid around our neighborhood. In past years the neighbors would light all manner of fireworks , bang on pots and generally get wiggy. Aside from one premature sonic bloom it was remarkably quiet. Being a boomer geezer we tend to think of ourselves as […]

Calling Mr.Trump! Apprentices?

My favorite website for picking up Interesting and Annoying subjects Early Guitar NING: A recent remark spinning on my previous rant about the politics of Cheap. “I still don’t see why a 1000 eu (1500 USD) baroque guitar can’t be made in a shop that has apprentices setting up the work.  Cheaper materials?  Why not!  […]

Cheap cheap cheap.

The phrase Cheap Chinese made , harken back to the 50’s when Japanese  goods were the scorn and ridicule of the American market. Made in Japan was a running joke with stamped metal toys.  Now it’s cheap Pakistani made, before that it was cheap Korean made. It’s easy to be derisive of these products that […]

Chinese Made or Made in China?

Okay , the jig is up . There are no more Chinese Lutes available. In a manner of speaking there never were any to begin with.  Made in China? No. Master Lu and Master Zheng?  They never existed. Chinese made  ? in a manner of speaking yes.  I’m Chinese . For those very few people who inquired and […]

Polish your wood sir?

Local Luteplayer and raconteur Alfred has been building a lute in my shop and he’s just about finished.  One of the last things to do is to apply finish , we chose to do French Polish. For those of you who don’t know; that’s shellac applied by rubbing with a pad or ” muncea” . […]


For those of you who buy instruments made of rosewood please have a look at the latest National Geographic Magazine . There’s a report on Madagascar and the illicit rosewood trade. It really put in perspective what we are giving up in the world to have our exotic woods. Some of you may argue that […]

editorial note

For those of you who just want to look at the pictures go to custom strings and click the link to my Flickr  photo cache.

Reports of my death are bit premature , still

Mel Wong — choreographer known for strength onstage July 23, 2003|By Steven Winn, Chronicle Arts and Culture Critic (Page 2 of 2) “Mel was very easygoing, but he was also quite playful as a person and an artist,” said UC Santa Cruz theater Professor James Bierman. That quality, Bierman said, was instrumental in his teaching. “He managed to make […]

Train wrecks and things we can’t avert our eyes from

Trainwrecks , we’re horrified when we hear about them but we just can’t say no to having a look.  Eric’s lute took a fall and this is what happened. Not the end of the world but pretty distressing just the same. This one belongs to Jason Yoshida a Los Angeles based lutenist. Again resting on a […]