Custom Strings

Each instrument built in my workshop is unique and built to your specifications. You can choose from a variety of woods that I keep in stock. I have a seasoned stock for soundboards of domestic Englemenn and Sitka spruce and European spruce (we source ours from Germany, Italy and Switzerland). I also stock a variety of figured maples, Western big leaf, English sycamore, Pacific soft maple, Indian rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, cocobolo, koa, cypress, pearwood, and ebony and Pacific Yew.

Note: A recent pang of eco-awareness has prompted me to change my position on offering instruments made from exotic hardwoods such as cocobolo, and various rosewoods. These are very luxurious woods gathered from all parts of the world . We would like to think that they are harvested in a sustainable and eco friendly manner, but the fact remains in lands of desparate economy the rules are often flouted to sustain the day to day existence of a few locals rather than the health of of a forest over a long run. I cannot in good conscience continue to buy more of this type of lumber. What stock I do have I will offer to prospective clients but with the appreciation that this is a rare and expensive commodity that comes at a steep price in more ways than just money.

To point : a good instrument can be made from any number of  plentiful lumbers such as maples and spruces.  Even extant lutes were made of humble lumbers such plum, apple and maples.

Lutes have been the focus of my business for years. I can build renaissance lutes for you in a variety of shapes and configuration. The most common styles are renaissance lutes in the style of Lux Maler or Vendelio Venere. I have my own design for Vihuela based upon the Milan Woodcut. Theorbos and archlutes can made in a variety of configurations based upon designs by Sellas , Buchenberg, and Dieffopruchar. Baroque guitars are based upon a Jean Voboam or Sellas style vaulted back model.

Below is a partial list of the custom stringed instruments we build-click on a product name to see a picture.

To see your project in progress and a motley collection of my photos click here!

Medieval Lute

Early Renaissance Lutes
Gerle six course

Renaissance Lutes
Lux Maler, 60 cm mensur g
Venere, 59 cm mensur g
Harton, 60 cm mensur g

Descant Lute
After Venere, 44 cm flat

Baroque Lute
Martin Hoffman, 76 cm mensur Dm

After Diefopruchar, 76/140 cm mensur
After Mateo Sellas, 80/160 cm mensur

Arch Lute
With Hoffman body, 65/120 cm mensur
Tieffenbrucker body, 67/160 cm mensur

Liuto Attiorbato, 56/76 cm mensur

Baroque Mandolino, 34 cm mensur g

Baroque Guitar, 67 cm mensur e
After Voboam
After Sellas
After Stradivarius

Vihuela, 57 cm mensur g

Renaissance Guitar after Belchior Dias outline

Pricing depends on choice of materials and appointments. A 25% deposit is required to retain a position on the waiting list. Balance is due prior to shipment. We warranty the work against defects in the materials, and failings in workmanship. Warranty does not cover damage incurred by weather (i.e. drying and cracking, or bowing from excessive humidity) or neglect. All instruments include a Kingham fitted case or equivalent, and shipping and handling are extra. You can place an order by calling or emailing us.