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F lutebackF lute front

For Sale !   This is a seven course  nine ribbed lute made of  English Sycamore with Book matched soft flame.  The true color of the bowl is a soft  ivory white . The  Top is fine grained Englemen spruce. The bowl has nine ribs and is shaped after a Michael Harton  outline. The lute has a 65 cm mensur.  It can be tuned in G or F. I used this for many years as my personal instrument when I used to perform. Now that I’m older I can’t handle the longer string length.

The lute is in excellent condition and has a fitted Kingham case. The Case had a bit of mildew on it But it’s been cleaned and sanitized.

$1800 exclusive of shipping and insurance. As usual : please no Nigerian Princes or third party purchases with overdraft offers.