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Luthierie Mel Wong | Proprietor
415 971-8649
San Francisco, California

Mel Wong | San Francisco’s premier guitar and custom lute maker since 1975

Who I am
My name is Mel Wong and I am a lute maker in San Francisco, California. I started building lutes in 1975. I build period string instruments: Lutes, Vihuela and Baroque Guitars. I also do restoration and repair.

I studied building under Ervin Somogyi, Robert Lundberg and other notable builders and have built instruments for universities and conservatories. I can build your project from my seasoned supply of the finest materials for your instrument: figured maples, rosewoods, yew for lute backs, and, for soundboards, very fine spruce from North America and Europe.

Listen to Ciacona in G Minor for Baroque Lute and Mandolino.

What I Can Build For You
• Small Lutes after Frei, Michel Harton, Veneere

• Archlutes after Christopher Choco, Mateo Sellas, Magnus Tieffenbrucker

• Theorbos after Buchenberg, Tieffenbrucker, Widhelm

• Guitars after Voboam, Stradivarius, Sellas

• Vihuela and Renaissance Guitars modeled after best evidence.

All instrument constructions are based upon historical features and building traditions.

For more pictures, or to see your project in progress, see my photo cache at:

I look forward to hearing about your vision for your instrument!